The Value in Traveling

I don’t want to be a dead horse, as they say. Many articles and opinion pieces have been written on this topic, especially by people from my generation. I just want to point out one valuable point that is often overlooked by those who scoff at the privileged and sometimes annoying friends who can’t stop talking about their latest trip to the jungles on South America, or whatever. Traveling makes you grow and learn super fast and it’s often times life changing for the traveler especially when they completely immerse themselves in the experience.

I’m sure I’ve annoyed my family and friends plenty with my constant mention of the various experiences I’ve had in a variety of places. I’m sure I’m still annoying because I’ve made a career of it and it’s my life. But hopefully the next time your friend just can’t seem to stop talking about their hike on monkey mountain in southeast Asia or their backpacking trip from Spain to Croatia just keep in mind that it was likely one of the most profoundly life changing experiences of their lives.

Traveling takes courage and quick adjustments in totally foreign environments. Plus one can see how others live and really understand how diverse humans can be. It makes one’s hometown culture and belief systems seem so small and insignificant. It’s easy to fear the unknown but when you travel you truly gain perspective on all that one doesn’t know and how to start learning.