I cannot stress enough how important consistent practice is for language learning. 20 minutes per day is far more effective than 5 hours, once per week. I often put it in terms of physical training at the gym: how much quicker would an athlete get in shape working out for 20 minutes, 6 days a week versus another athlete doing a 5 hour workout on Fridays? The answer is obvious and easy to imagine some likely injury happening to the former.

Watch Telemundo with subtitles, read a mystery novel in German or find a French radio station app on your smartphone. There are options and it’s never been more convenient to learn a new language.

A friend of mine said the other day, ” all this technology is making our species fat and lazy.” I disagree, we’ve always been lazy but this new technology makes it easier to act on our laziness. In every moment we feel like being lazy we just have to decide not to be. However, sometimes I have to make a conscious decision to be lazy because of my health condition. There’s no shame in relaxing, in fact I think it is unfairly stigmatized in our Germanic culture. So, next time you’re being lazy on the couch use it as an opportunity to study!