How to Survive Labor Day Weekend

As we all know, Labor Day Weekend has come to be understood as the farewell to summer celebration, but for some this three day weekend might also become to be known as the vacation one should never have taken. To get through an arduous journey sure to be filled with road rage, re-routing GPS systems, and spotty radio stations, one must come equipped with all the necessary supplies and must prepare for the unexpected. Come sarcastic GPS speaker from hell or congested highways, these three easy to follow tips are a must for any road tripper:

First and foremost, do not give in to road rage. To be able to go to one’s happy place, one must be able to get their first. Despite the honking, the screaming, and the unexpected birds soaring past the car window, the best thing to do in these type of situations are to keep a cool head and follow the guidelines of the road. This includes: not cutting off other cars in an attempt to shave off three seconds of travel time, not riding the back of other vehicles and risking a collision, and not making hasty last second decisions to merge onto another lane without turning on the blinker.

Next to road rage, re-routing GPS systems are one of the most commonly occurring problems on the road these days. For those traveling to a place for the first time, becoming lost can create a lot of unnecessary stress and tension. Quickly undermining the idea of a stress-free vacation. That is where the necessity of a map comes in. The map is a great secondary tool to be used alongside the GPS system to keep track of where one is at, the distance from A to B, and, so to speak, map out shorter routes possibly through small towns and backroads.

Lastly, to survive out on the long stretches of dirt road in the town of Middle and in the city of Nowhere, one will find their sanity relying heavily on the voices coming from the radio. Not from one’s companion’s whose voices have long been tuned out. For those whose vehicles do not have satellite radio, radio reception will be spotty at best. So, to avoid having to endure the same country song played over five different radio stations — which somehow are the only stations able to get through, the best and only solution to this problem will be to: bring a favorite CD/Audio Book. By doing so, one’s own sanity will surely remain intact, not to mention the vehicle’s other occupants.

Remember to follow these three easy tips and your three day road trip will become not only one of the safest (for all involved), but easily one of the greatest.