International Matters

Trade is especially difficult right now depending on the industry and it has been for about a year. The reasons are quite complex per usual when it comes to international commerce but having national leadership in chaos doesn’t help matters. Nonetheless, we have been making huge progress in several different industries.

The Cannabis industry has been my most direct route into politics especially concerning CBD. It is the single most complicated subject I’ve had to handle in my career thus far but in my mind that translates to learning opportunities. Since being involved politically with CBD and Cannabis in general I’ve gained a much clearer understanding of how our system works, and it is not easy. It is a depressing observation that I made that this issue is incredibly simple if lawmakers were actually focused on the good of the people. Cannabis legalization is only complicated if you are speaking for pharmaceutical companies who are threatened by the effectiveness of this amazing plant.

Otherwise, fish trade is still in the cards and with laws changing in Europe new fish and shellfish markets could be opening up. My British associates are seeing Washington State as a thriving market and I want to keep that momentum going. When it comes to Europe, however, I think that our energy projects will be greeted with much more enthusiasm than our fish have to offer. If it is one thing that our state is really moving forward with it is alternative energy and we are right there on the forefront of the industry. At this point there is so much I want to talk about but can’t as we are still developing ideas but when I can it’ll be hard for me to talk about anything else. Alternative energy applications can benefit everyone in every country around the world, so it’s hard to think of anything more exciting.

Thanks for reading and please contact us if you’re interested in learning more about anything ALL related. The world is moving fast and we’re just as caught up in it all as can be. Being politically neutral is a priority for us and business ethics is non-partisan, so when I give a political opinion it is based on actions not on party. We feel this is the only way to make real progress for our country and our planet.