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We are a team of experienced and professional language experts. There are three main services that we offer that are designed to enhance your business and/or career substantially both locally and abroad: Liaison Services, Language Services and Acquisition, and SEO Writing/Web Content Writing. The Liaison Services are probably the most unique of them as it is the core of ALL Services and has taken the most preparation. We have networked and become acquainted with several different regions and industries in order to be relevant and useful to our clients.

If your business is doing well domestically and is ready to expand but you don’t know where to start, here we are. If your career has been stagnate and you need to learn a new language to move on to something better, here we are. Finally, if you’re struggling to compete online with other businesses that seem to always be showing up first on internet searches, you found us. Your language solution.


As the founder of Advanced Language Liaison, Raymond Bentson grew up as a small town farmer from western Washington State of the United States. By mixing various methods of language acquisition whilst studying 12 languages over the course of 15 years and at 4 different college institutions around the world,  he has been able to attain a firm skill-set that has made him and his team invaluable to the success of our clients. Thus, our overall shared goal is to improve business and political globalization by offering efficient and professional language liaison services.

Raymond Bentley- Language Expert professional language experts